Congregation Athletic Association


  1. Churches desiring to participate in the Congregation Athletic Association must be approved by the board of Governors and the South Coast Interfaith Council (corporate sponsor). Teams are not eligible to play in a league activity until the annual dues ($75.00) are paid.
  2. Each participating church is asked to appoint an Athletic representative and an alternate to represent the church on the Board of Governors. The “Certification Form” much be signed by both he Senior Pastor and the Secretary (clerk) of the church’s official policy­making body. The league office (759 Linden Ave., Long Beach 90813, Ph: 562-983-1665; Fax 562-983-8812 should be notified of changes in official representatives. Only certified athletic representatives should attend Board of Governors’ meetings for all sports activities.
  3. Players representing a church team should be members and/or regular attendees (at least two (2) church activities, non sports related per month) at the church for which they participate. Teams may include no more than two (2) non members non regular attendees per team on their roster for Volleyball and no more than four (4) non members non regular attendees per team for soft ball.  Both the Pastor and the Athletic Representative must sign official team rosters.
  4. Athletic representatives must submit an eligibility list (roster) of their players to the Board of Governors before the first league game. All players must have participated in at least one (1) classification game to be eligible to play In league games. The name of a new player may be added to an official roster ONLY IN EXCEPTIONAL CASES. A letter from the player’s pastor must be submitted to the Board of Governors stating a legitimate reason for eligibility consideration.
  5. Fees will be determined for each league activity by the Board of Governors. League fees must be paid before a team will be scheduled for league play. In addition, all outstanding fees from previous league activities must be paid. Make checks payable to the “Congregation Athletic Association” and bring to classification meeting. Please indicate on the check the name of the church, and that you are associated with the Long Beach Area CAA.
  6. Players, coaches, managers or spectators violating the regulations or creating disturbances in the gymnasium, dressing rooms, or playing field, can be barred from further play.
  7. Protests must be made orally to referees at the time of the incident, noted in scorebook with time, and in writing to the Chairperson of the Board of Governors within 48 hours after incident. Send to league office.
  8. Each Church is expected to provide insurance for their own players. The South Coast Interfaith Council and the Congregation Athletic Association will in not way be held responsible for injuries.
  9. Each sport’s season will include: a) maximum of two practice-classification games prior to regular season games, b) eight regular season games, and c) playoff games as necessary (see playoff rules). Regular seasons will be divided into equal halves of four games each.
  10. Teams are permitted a maximum of two (2) bye requests per sport, limited to one bye per regular season half. Requests must be submitted no later than the Board of Governors meeting just prior to the respective season.
  11. Board of Governors officers will include a Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons to represent each sport. All officers will be approved by the board and serve a concurrent term of two (2) years. Terms will commence in May with the start of Slow-Pitch Softball League. Officers-elect will be appointed one year prior to the start of their projected term.
  12. A forfeit deposit will be maintained for each church from which to compensate opponents in the event of a game forfeiture during that regular season. A deposit of $50.00 is required during all sports for each church. Each church must maintain the proper balance for the respective sport to be eligible for league play.
  13. Churches forfeiting more than twice in a particular sport will be placed on probation the following year for that sport. The Board of Governors shall determine if further action should be taken beyond probation. Teams can be suspended for one year if more than two forfeits occur in two successive years. After a one year suspension the team will be considered for re-entry to the sport. Re-eligibility will be permitted following approval by the Board of Governors and a sufficient forfeit deposit balance.
  14. A player must turn 13 as of December 31st of the year they are playing to be eligible to play.
  15. If a church has more than one team in any one-sport, players from lower division teams may play in upper division games. No player may play in more than 3 games on upper team.
  16. Only players on official roster are qualified for playoffs. No player may be on more than one official roster at a time.
  17. Rosters are due by the first league game. If roster is not received all games played will be declared as losses until roster is received.
  18. If a player is ejected from a game the player will be required to sit out the team's following game.
  19. All ejections will be reviewed by the the executive officers of the board. If warranted the executive officers have the authority to extend a suspension. In these cases a report of action will be made to the board at its next scheduled meeting.
  20. All rules and regulations shall apply to all divisions of each sport. 

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