Congregation Athletic Association

Slo-Pitch Softball Rules

Last Updated: 5 May 2013

RULES: Rules and conditions of Slo-Pitch play shall follow the rules as outlined for regular softball in the 2013 S.C.M.A.F. Softball Rule book with the following exceptions or clarifications:

  1. A team shall consist of a minimum batting order of 7 players. In coed divisions, 3 women minimum must play defense at all times.
    1. 10 defensive players may be platooned from the maximum of 16 players in the batting order.

      A pitcher, once relieved, may not pitch again until the following inning. 
    2. Substitution into the 16 player batting line-up will follow regular softball rules; with the player who has been substituted for not eligible for further defensive and offense play (free substitution).
  1. The Forfeit time for a game will be Scheduled Game Time OR End of previous game if previous game went past scheduled start.
  2. No inning shall begin after one hour and five minutes from the start of the game (7 innings or 65 minutes max.).
  3. Tie games will result in 1/2 game in standings after 65 minutes of play.
  4. (COED ONLY) Outfielders (Rovers are considered outfielders) must remain behind CO-ED ARC, until the ball is hit.  Penalty:  If ball is hit, play becomes dead; runners and batter are awarded one base.
  5. (COED ONLY) If a male batter is walked, before a female batter, the male batter is awarded two bases; all runners advance as they are forced to advance.
  6. Double Base
    1. Whenever a play is being made on the batter-runner, the defense must use the inside base (white) and the batter-runner must use the outside base (orange).
    2. In the case that the batter-runner is required to touch the outside base and touches ANY PART of the inside base the batter-runner will be declared out. In the case that the defensive player is required to touch the inside base and defensive players touches ANY PART of the outside base player will be considered to have missed the base.
  7. The batter will come to the plate with a one strike, one ball count.
  8. NO WOOD bats.
  9. Any (other than wood) bat labeled “Official softball” will be allowed.
  10.  A courtesy runner for a player may be employed. The courtesy runner is the person making the last out.
    - A female for a female and a male for a male.
    Batter must reach first base on their own.
  11. Shoes are required.  Sliding is permissible in all leagues.  Spikes (metal cleats) are not permitted in any league. WEARING OF METAL CLEATED SHOES WILL RESULT IN THE PLAYER BEING EJECTED FROM THE GAME.
  12. “TWO strikes, two fouls, you’re out” rule is in effect.  If a player hits two foul balls after having received two strikes the player will be called out.
  13. A 15 run, 5th inning mercy rule is in effect.  The game shall end after the visitors turn at bat in the 5th inning if the home team is leading by 15 or more runs, the game shall end after the homes team’s at bat in the 5th inning if the visitors are leading by 15 or more runs.
  14. Home team to provide back up game ball; at end of game home team gets both balls.
  15. Score book must be recorded as outlined below for ALL league games.
    1. Visiting team listed first home team listed second.

    2. Home Team is responsible to make sure scorebook is scored correctly.

    3. If book is not kept correctly Home team will FORFEIT Game and entire forfeit costs $25.

    4. To keep book correctly the following must be completed:

      1.  Last name first initial of each player in batting order

      2. Runs, outs, and last batter for each inning must be recorded in score book.

      3.  Ending score must be written in book next to church name

      4. BOTH coaches and umpire MUST sign to verify score.

  1. Foul Language is not to be used.  Players violating this rule, as determined by the umpire, will be ejected.
  2.  Any player ejected from a game for any reason is not eligible to play in the next game.  The ejected player name(s) will be noted in the score book by umpire and President of CAA Board will be notified of ejection. 

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