Sea Scout vessel Chantey

Length: 32'

Maker: Challenger

Year: 1978

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Chantey Bio

We received Chantey in 1993, looking much different than she does now. Since acquiring her we have added numerous electronics toys to her like a GPS, improved wind and boat speed instruments, a 4-speaker sound system, and a CD player. We replaced her aging teak handrails with stainless steel handrails. We added a steel toerail several years ago, moving the stanchions out several inches and giving us increased walking space on the deck. With her large beam and rugged Challenger construction she loves heavy weather, enabling us to run with full sails even when the winds blow 20-25 knots.
Sea Scout vessel Cheng Ho

Length: 37'

Maker: Morgan

Year: 1985

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Cheng Ho Bio

Added in 2001, Cheng Ho is a welcome addition to our program. She has much more room, both for sleeping and storage. Her simpler configuration brings us back a few years: no GPS, stereo or electronic wind speed indicator; and a tiller instead of a wheel. We have finally managed to get her boat speed guage working most of the time, though it will still go out for no apparent reason. We added a new VHF radio to Cheng Ho during the summer of 2002, replacing a much older model that had limited our usable channels. Despite being a little over 5' longer, Cheng Ho has the same beam as Chantey (11.5'), making her a great handling boat in light to medium winds, but requiring a reduction in the amount of sail once the winds top 20 knots.